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net banking means

net banking means : Net banking is the method of banking that you can use to avoid the lines in banks. Through Internet Banking, you can do almost all the work of your bank at home, first you had to fill out another form to activate Net Banking Service on your account. But now when you open Bank Account, you will get mobile banking, Internet Banking etc. can choose the option. Through internet banking you can do all the work of your bank sitting at home. You do not need to go to the bank for this, but if you need cash, then it is not possible with net banking. For this you have to go to ATM or Bank. 

Benefits of Online Banking

Check Balance and Statements 

You can always check your bank account at home. You can also view your Account Statement at any time and print it at the same time. 

Money Transfer 

If you want to send money to any friend or relative, you will not need to go to the bank branch or fill any forms, through Internet Banking You can send money from anywhere easily. 

Apply Online for Checkbook, Passbook etc. 

Applying for Passbook, Checkbook or Credit Card, you have to go to the bank, but if you are a net banking user, you can easily do this work even at home. 

Online Shopping 

There are many more websites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, PaytmMall, Shopclues, from which you can shop at home, but if you are a net banking user then making purchases from this kind of online website is even easier, because When you buy anything from these websites, you will have to pay online money, for which you can get the help of internet banking and easily pay the bills of your purchased product. 

Bill Payment 

You can also make bill payments using internet banking. Electricity Bill or online payments such as Recharge, Prepaid, Postpaid, DTH, etc. 

Ticket Booking 

Booking tickets from Net Banking is a easier. When you have to travel by train, every time you go to the station and wait for hours in the line. Then you get a ticket, but by net banking, visiting icrtc.co.in or the other Railway Websites, you can easily book tickets at home. You can book airplane tickets online too. 

Net Banking Users Keep these things in mind 

1. Do not use internet banking in cybercafe or other public place, it may leak your information. 

2. Install a good antivirus on the device on which you use Net Banking. To prevent your device from being infected with viruses and malware and your account details should not be hacked too. 

3. Make net banking password unique, never create your password with name, date of birth, city name or mobile number. 

4. Never tell your password to anyone, always use net banking alone. 

5. Remember if you have any problem using Net Banking then you should contact your bank branch immediately.

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